Details of this year's open morning can be found below. We hope that if you have a child starting school in September 2018, you will be able to join us.

Welcome to our school

This website is designed to tell you as much as possible about Bressingham Primary. We are very proud of the children in our school. We hope you will see why as you browse our site and we welcome you to visit our school and see for yourself.

Gavin King (Headteacher)


Our 2017 Key Stage 2 SATs results

79% reached the expected standard in reading (National Average 71%)

93% reached the expected standard in grammar, punctuation and spelling (NA 77%)

93% achieved the expected standard in maths (NA 75%)

86% achieved the expected standard in writing (NA 76%)

64% achieved the national standard in reading, writing and maths (NA 61%)

Pupils reached a high level of attainment as follows:

writing 36% (NA 18%)

reading 36% (NA 25%)

maths 36% (NA 23%)

grammar, punctuation and spelling 43% (NA 31%)

reading, writing and maths 29% (NA 9%)

Average scaled scores (These run from 80 to 120, with 100 being the expected standard).

Reading 107.6 (NA 104)

Grammar, punctuation and spelling 108.6 (NA 106)

Maths 107.1 (National Average 104)

Progress measure for reading 1.7

Progress measure for writing 1.2

Progress measure for maths 1.5

(Zero represents the national average and a positive score means above the national average)

Our 2017 Key Stage 1 results:

Reading 94% achieved expected or above.(NA 76%)

Reading 56% achieved greater depth within the expected standard.(NA 27%)

Writing 94% achieved expected or above.(68%)

Writing 44% achieved greater depth within the expected standard.(NA 16%)

Maths 94% achieved expected or above. (NA 75%)

Maths 44% achieved greater depth within the expected standard. (NA 21%)

Our 2017 Year 1 Phonics Check outcomes 95% passed (100% of Year 2 resits passed) (NA 81%)

Our 2017 EYFS assessments:

87% achieved their Early Learning Goals. (NA 71%)

Attendance since Sept 2016

96.9% (NA 95.7%)

Progress figures for the school and some national average figures are based on the best estimates available at time of publication (September 1st 2017)

Here is a link to the DfE School Performance Tables Website


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