Welcome to Hedgehogs class page. 


Mrs Lewis, Mrs Checa and Mrs Neve would like to welcome you to the Hedgehogs class page.


In our class we aim to provide a positive learning environment where all children are encouraged to become independent learners as well as engaged and challenged in their learning to reach their full potential.


Each week we will continue to update you with our learning and provide any relevant messages. There is also a communication page for you to use at home. If necessary, you can leave messages. Please record in your child’s reading record when you have read together at home and mark in their home school diary by ticking each day to show that they have read. Children who read every day will be entered in to a weekly draw in assembly, with a small prize.


Our topic for the summer term is It's Great Outdoors! Further information about what we will be covering can be found below. We have lots of exciting and memorable learning experiences planned. 



We will be updating the class blog regularly. To view this please click here

Swimming has now finished for Year 2. Our PE lessons will be on a Monday and a Thursday. However, please ensure your child has their PE kit in school at all times.

Spellings will be set each Friday and tested on the following Friday. However, please ensure your child has their spelling book in their book bag every day. We would also encourage practising these daily at home. 


KS1 Teacher assessment

 During May 2017, children in year 2 will sit SATS papers. There are 5 test papers:

 • Reading x 2

•  English grammar, punctuation and spelling (optional)

•  Maths arithmetic

•  Maths reasoning


For  2017 the KS1 English grammar, punctuation and spelling test remains optional. We will NOT be administering this test.


Instead of the old national curriculum levels, children will be given a standardised score. Teacher assessments will also be used to build up a picture of your child’s learning and achievements. At the end of the school year your child will receive an overall result saying whether or not they have achieved the expected standard for their age.


Please use links below for more information.


KS1 SATS information



As always, should you have any queries or concerns then please do come and see us.


Mrs Lewis & Mrs Checa 


Curriculum Information for Parents – Summer 2017

Topic:   It’s great outdoors


Our memorable experiences this term will include:

Watch caterpillars grow into butterflies

Eat something that you’ve grown

Grow and tend plants

Jump over waves in the sea



English will include traditional fairy tales and fantasy stories.  We will be learning and retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We will listen to the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk and use this to lead into writing fantasy stories based upon this. We will be writing instructions linked to our DT work and writing instructions for revolting recipes. We will be inventing our own machines and potions and writing explanations to accompany this. Our poetry unit will be seaside poems linked to the senses. There will be additional specific spelling, grammar and punctuation activities. Children will continue to develop their spoken language, handwriting and reading comprehension skills.


Measurement: Time

Use mathematical vocabulary to describe position, direction and movement, including movement in a straight line and distinguishing between rotation as a turn and in terms of right angles for quarter, half and three- quarter turns (clockwise and anti-clockwise).


Tell and write the time to five minutes, including quarter past/to the hour and draw the hands on a clock face to show these times.


Know the number of minutes in an hour and the number of hours in a day.


Compare and sequence intervals of time.



Capacity, volume and temperature. Choose and use appropriate standard units to estimate and measure capacity (litres/ml) and temperature (°C) to the nearest appropriate unit, using thermometers and measuring vessels.

Compare and order volume/capacity and record the results using >, < and =.


Number: Missing number questions and consolidation of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Key Stage 1 SATS


In science our focus for the first half term will be Plants. We will observe and describe how seeds grow into plants and find out and describe how plants need water, light, suitable temperature to stay healthy. We will also be looking at microhabitats, focusing minibeasts and life cycles.

The second half term will be Animals, including humans. We will learn about the importance for humans to exercise, eat the right amounts of different foods and personal hygiene. We will learn how animals have offspring that grow into adults and find out and describe the basic needs of animals for survival.  


Some aspects of computing will be learnt by application throughout the curriculum. The specific area of learning this term will be:

Espresso Coding – Buttons and Instructions.

Internet safety, keeping personal information safe, expressing concerns.

Art and Design / Design Technology

In Art we will be finding out about Monet and experimenting with watercolour techniques. In DT we will plan, make and evaluate a knickerbocker glory.  


We will follow the charanga scheme of work. The unit will be Zootime and Reflect, rewind and replay.

Personal, Health and Social Education

We follow the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) curriculum and also use circle time to promote self-expression and confidence. This term the aspects we will investigate are ‘Relationships’ and ‘Changes’.


In geography we will be revising the countries, cities and seas in the UK and exploring the seaside towns. We will identify the human and physical features of the seaside and find out about seaside holiday activities.


We will step back in time to find out about the history of the seaside. We will found out about Victorian seaside holidays, look at local seaside towns and compare and contrast how seaside holidays have changed over the years.

Physical Education

The planned sessions for PE this term are games and athletics. Swimming has now finished for year 2.

Beliefs and Values

The current Norfolk Agreed Syllabus provides the framework for teaching Beliefs and Values (RE) in our school. This term we will focus on water in religions (Christianity and Baptism) and Buddhist and Christian stories.

Parents have a right to withdraw their children from RE lessons; please let us know if this is something you are considering.